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FC Manager World Cup Event

Posted on 06/21/2014

Guess which team will win to earn points that you can use to purchase various items in the upcoming FC Manager World Cup Shop. Points acquired depends on the number of participation and accuracy of your vote.

Aside from the shop, you can also use the points during the blind bidding on June 29 and July 7. 


June 20th ~ July 27th



To Guess:

1.Login at using a T3fun or Facebook account.

2.Go to FC Manager official site to view the event pop-up.

3.In the event pop-up, guess which team will win or if it will be a draw then click on ‘Confirm’.


To Bid:

1.Blind bidding will be conducted on June 29 (2pcs $100 FIFA Gift Certificates) and July 7 (3pcs $100 FIFA Gift Certificates).

2.To join the bidding, just enter the value that you would like to use in the Bidding tab. Winners or highest bid will be announced within 2-3 business days.

Tentative World Cup Shop contents:

Star (Potential 9)
Obtain a random 9 potential player.
Star (Potential 8)
Obtain a random 8 potential player.
Star (Lv 7)
Obtain a player with 7 potential and above.
Gift Box A
Obtain a random item (Club support fund, Star (Lv 7), Star  (LV 8) or Star (Lv 6)
Increase Morale (1 day)
Maintains the best condition of a player for 24 hours.
Increase Training Effects(3X)
Increases training effect 3x.
Club Support Fund (Pro)
Receive random game point among (60,000 ~ 1,000,000)
Star (All Players)
Recruit 1 random player from any positions (potential 3 and up)